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Youtube Premium Updates Subscription Charges Unannounced

Kerem December 05, 2022 12:00 pm
Youtube Premium Updates Subscription Charges Unannounced

My subscription to Premium, which is always active and requires no advance notice, updates automatically. It is also unknown when these price hikes will take place, how they will take place, and what form they will take. Neither an email nor a notification made through the account has been sent to me informing me of this development. My bank account was debited in an unexpected amount of sixty all of a sudden. It's a shame that I only found out about this by accident, don't you think? They are informed, prior to signing these memberships, that there will be a particular payment plan, but that they have the ability to change the terms and conditions in any way they see fit. They put people who use these platforms willingly and happily in a precarious position.

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