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Yapi Kredi Bank Card Fee is Refunded Partially

A**** 2 weeks ago

The card fee was reflected before the first year of the credit card I received from Yapi Kredi Bank. When I called customer service, I was told that only 70% of the fee could be refunded. I agreed, and they refunded my money. A week later, my colleague, with whom we applied for credit cards at the time, was charged an annual fee, which was fully refunded to him. When I called customer service, I explained the problem and was told it might be because of the frequency of usage. I informed them that I had used the card twice as frequently as that colleague. They repeated the same sentences as if they were joking when I asked for a refund of the remaining amount. After that, I canceled my credit card. They also say I have to pay the refunded amount (I should not have closed it for 6 months) I want the fee that was wrongfully deducted refunded to me.

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