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Newly Bought Xiaomi Redmi Earbuds 3 Lite Pair was not Synchronized

H**** 2 weeks ago
Newly Bought Xiaomi Redmi Earbuds 3 Lite Pair was not Synchronized

I bought Xiaomi Redmi Earbuds 3 Lite earphones from Dora Mobile, which is the original distributor in Turkey (not form a market plase) with the thought that it will be guaranteed / I will buy the original product / my head will be clear and in peace. Since it is not possible to remove the product shipped home from its box without tearing it, I tore it out and threw the torn box out without thinking about the possibility that brand new products would never work. The next day, I wrote to the Xiaomi support line when I noticed that the right earphone was not synchronized with the left at all and was not working. They asked me to share a photo of the product with its side materials (warranty papers, slycon units, etc), and I did. But the result did not change, they said that they could not take back the product without the original box. They stated that they could not take a 2-day product (which they knew was not working) just because it did not have the original box. Then I asked them to direct me to the service about the repair of the product under warranty. They directed me to the website of the technical service in Ataşehir. Even though I wrote to this website, they did not respond... Don't be fooled like me and buy Redmi Earbuds Lite 3 headphones. When a problem arises, you neither get a professional service nor can you find an interlocutor. With a nervous breakdown, you have to accept it.

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