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It Seems To Me That World Of Tanks is Rigged

J**** 1 week ago

My experience playing this game over the past 11 years has led me to conclude that it has been manipulated. Unfortunately, the mm software is not fair to all players; my own rating went from 7700 to 7300. My record over the past 10 games is 0-10. I've been losing games like crazy since moving to Cyprus, but I don't usually have that problem back in Europe. Over the course of three months, I competed in a total of one thousand matches, losing six hundred and ninety of them. I've been playing this game for 11 years; that doesn't make me perfect, but it does make me someone who understands its nuances and remembers when it was great. I've put in over 20,000 lira and countless hours, and I'd like to get it all back if they'll just close my account.

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