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The Shampoo I Bought at Watsons was Half Way Empty

D**** 1 week ago
The Shampoo I Bought at Watsons was Half Way Empty

I went to the store last night to pick up some shampoo, but when I picked up the 325 ml bottle, I got an odd feeling. The weight of the bottle was barely perceptible in my hand. I normally would bother and be sure, but with everything going on that night, I caved and bought the item anyway. When I got home, I saw that the bottle was empty. I have been a customer here for a while.  Is this typical? Not in my humble opinion. I don't understand how a shampoo bottle could be devoid of its contents. A third party would have been unable to benefit from it, right? Then again, maybe someone comes and empties the bottles. Strange, to say the least.

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