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Volkswagen Authorized Service Employees Behaved Improperly

K**** 1 week ago

On November 23, 2022, we came to your Dogus auto service to consult my Volkswagen transporter vehicle, which was still under warranty, for a minor error code. But we debated whether to ask or not a thousand times. The employees are extremely rude and careless. Instead of telling us that we cannot provide information without an appointment, please make an appointment and we will assist us, they just yelled at our faces  in an extremely rude manner, such as "you will make an appointment like everyone else and wait your turn." We kept our cool and showed the experimental paper in our hands and said, well, what do these malfunctions mean, will there be an urgent situation, until the appointment date, if there is something that will cause problems, let's not use the vehicle until the appointment date, and he answered us by raising his voice as "how do I know, how would I know without looking at the vehicle without making an appointment?" Why do we entrust our million-dollar vehicles to you if you don't know what the flaws are written on the paper are? What rudeness, what disrespect is this? 

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