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Vodafone Redbox Cancellation Fee + Speed Problem

M**** September 20, 11:01 am

Hello, In September of 2021, I signed up for internet service from Vodafone Redbox. Dedicated 16 Mbps speed for 2 years, 100% satisfaction guarantee (no cancellation fee at the end of the 1st year). Since we've had it, it hasn't even come close to the advertised speed. My daughter, a university student in Ankara, Turkey, was staying in a guesthouse without internet access, so I had to purchase this mobile internet service to keep in touch with her. And she was compelled to employ it despite its distressing nature. After a while, when my daughter moved into her own dorm, we no longer required the service; however, I wished to keep using it at my own Bursa/Turkey residence because I had not yet finished the first year. The main issue was that, despite promising speeds of up to 16 Mbps, they could only deliver speeds of up to 4 Mbps, with most users seeing speeds of between 0.5 and 1.5 Mbps. I spoke with customer support numerous times and explained my issues, but they were unable to help. So I ditched the modem and switched internet providers. Since it is now September, I decided to cancel my Vodafone service by calling customer support today. However, he informed me that I needed to cancel by calling on September 16; otherwise, I would be considered committed for another year and would be charged a cancellation fee. Having signed up for service with this company, I now realize that it actually makes matters worse for its clients rather than better. Because of my prior commitment, I was forced to endure such an implementation after having already paid for the service (despite not having received any actual service for several months). At this time, I am requesting a full refund for the subpar service they have sold me, including the withdrawal fee and all associated bills. With my daughter's use of only 5 months, I have already paid for 7 months.

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