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Vodafone data plan cancellation problem

Y**** September 11, 1:39 am
Vodafone data plan cancellation problem

I needed an internet plan and when I checked the Vodafone with me app, the privileged tradesman plan was at the top of the list. Unfortunately, the package details gave no information about the shipment. The salesperson misled me into purchasing a speech package rather than an internet package, and I now have to return both. The package also creates a copy of itself when it is written. Unable to remove from the application once submitted. Although the application states that the package will be resent on September 16th, customer service insists that it is not a repeat. Sorry, I can't cancel at this time. A speech package seems out of place among internet bundles. In addition, it does not identify itself as a language-learning resource for public speakers. Once you get the package in hand, you can examine the information. The fact that it's a collection of speeches isn't made clear until after purchase. There are three lines under my name, and if this package is not canceled, I will have to disconnect them.

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