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Valorant bans me unfairly and keeps doing it

Emre June 25, 7:25 pm

It will take a long time to explain. Don't answer mail that you won't answer. Solve my problem. On my first account, I bought between 3,000 and 4,000 skins before I was banned. The reason is software from a third party. I didn't cheat, though. For three months, I was banned. I made an account and played for about six months, but I was banned again for the same reason, even though my account had skins worth 4,000 TL. I wrote that I sent in a ticket, but other than the automatic mail, I didn't hear back from anyone. There is nothing but automatic mail coming in all the time. I was again banned. And my device was opened. It was opened today, June 25, 2022, and when I opened it, a new character was there. I got about 13,200 VP points in the hopes that everything would go well. This is worth about 1,000 TL, and I got banned again because of 3rd party software after only two hours of playing. Are you kidding? Stop sending me automatic mail, because that's the answer to my problem. I've lost 10,000 Turkish Lira. It's either your site or you keep banning people without doing anything about it. I can't play games, buy skins, or move characters around. Let's use our heads. Do you think I could open a new account, get 13,200 VP again, lose a thousand lira, and use cheats or third-party software even though my device restrictions were lifted today? Don't let your robots go back to the account where I put money. I'm sorry, but I can't play. I'm banning, and my money is always running out, so it can't be such nonsense. Look, my friend, at how much money I spent. I sent the picture to you. We said thank you when it opened today. Take a close look at how much I got. I'm getting kicked off again. Is this a joke? Please figure this out. I'm bored, so I'm going to try something new. Am I so stupid that I would spend a billion dollars and cheat? I'm 30 years old, man.

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