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Turkish Airlines Damaged Baggage Fee Problem

Y**** 1 week ago
Turkish Airlines Damaged Baggage Fee Problem

After my Copenhagen-Istanbul flight on 29 October, my suitcase was broken in 4 different places. I got my suitcase with its wheels shattered. A report was kept and I requested a refund to the system on 1 November. For 24 days, my complaint has not been resolved. After meeting with customer service on November 24, I was able to get a response today. The appropriate price for my suitcase made of medium-sized hard plastic material is 384 TL. My suitcase is sold for 800TL on the internet and my suitcase is not a Premium brand. Which suitcase I can buy for 384 TL, please share the link and I will make the purchase. I do not add the file number as part of confidentiality, you can inquire with the name Y****M***. I request you to contact me and solve this problem with my number registered in your systems.

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