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2014 Toyota Corolla Advance paintwork issue, the service is not interested in the issue

Zeki June 27, 5:18 pm

I got a 2014 Toyota Corolla Advance. The car I bought from the first person who owned it is in good shape. Two years ago, parts on the right and left were painted and changed parts in the authorized service because of friction. But where the service is done, there is varnish. Today, I went to Gurses's service. They looked at it and told me to take it back to where it was made. When I called, they told me that we can't do anything with a one-year warranty on authorized workmanship. It's not the user's fault. I showed it to a few other repairmen, and they told me that it was a repairman error and a work error. Why doesn't the company support its work? Every two years, I'll go to the service and have a car painted there. I'd like my problem to be fixed. This kind of customer complaint is not good for a big company like Toyota. Because of this, I want my problem to be fixed.

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