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Tefal Teflon Cookware Peeled like Paper

H**** October 04, 6:38 pm

Tefal brand Teflon cookware peeled like paper. I bought 4 pots from the Adana Ziyapaşa store on 30/11/2019. The coating on one of the cookware started peeling today. I took it to an authorized service to get feedback on it. However, they replied they would not be able to fix, or take back the product because the 2-year warranty of the cooking pot had expired. Aren't they supposed to be durable? Are we to buy pots and pans every few years? Do they expect us to trust them and their products again after we experience such discomfort? They should do what they promise. Tefal is not a brand sticking by their products, thus their name. 

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