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My Suzuki Vitara 1.4 Hybrid requires annual maintenance, but I can't find a service

M***** November 04, 11:15 pm

I purchased a new Suzuki Vitara 1.4 hybrid elegance car from Kayseri TR Suzuki authorized sales center Subas Oto on November 5, 2021. There was an authorized service in this city when I bought the vehicle, and I bought it with that assurance. However, when I called the service in Kayseri for the first maintenance on my vehicle, they informed me that the service had been suspended. As a result, I dialed Suzuki Turkey. They informed me that a new authorized service will begin operations. However, despite the passage of more than a month, no new service has been established in Kayseri. By the way, my vehicle's first maintenance period to keep it under warranty has expired. I called Suzuki Turkey once more. They gave me the phone number of the nearest Ankara service station. However, this service is 350 kilometers away from my home. I need to take two days off because I work, but I am currently unable to do so. Furthermore, the round-trip gas cost will put me in financial jeopardy. My vehicle will be out of warranty until I take annual leave from work and go to Ankara for service. Suzuki Turkey does nothing but provides me with the phone number of another service in this regard. I want Suzuki to provide a solution worthy of its brand's size. At the very least, I anticipate that the cost of gas will be deducted from the initial maintenance service fee.

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