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My Superbet Account Was Locked Due To Possible Fraudulent Access

S**** May 05, 8:35 pm

I opened an account with Superbets on April 23 and deposited $425 to bet on soccer. However, after I raised a red flag about potentially fraudulent access to my account and placing fantasy contest entries with my account the day after my deposit, my account was locked for several days. I emailed them several times, requesting a quick refund, but they only responded yesterday, with Superbets' only response being, "the accounts team will reach out to you." I have several hundred dollars in there, and I have no idea when I'll see it again. If I had known I would have this problem, I would have opened an account with a more reputable and well-known sportsbook. Stay away from it, I strongly advise. I will not wait more than three days to file a lawsuit.

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