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I would have won if SI Sportsbook hadn't declined my bet for no reason

N***** March 17, 1:11 pm

I'm not sure where to start, and I honestly don't understand why people continue to bet on Sports Illustrated. I was logged out in the middle of a bet, they continuously turned down my bets without providing a reason, and their chat customer service is the most useless thing I've ever encountered. It's difficult to get through to a live person who promises to call me back. On February 2, I attempted to place a live bet at +400 odds, but it was rejected. That same team was up three goals and winning the game just 10 minutes later. I would have won more than $23,000, but they declined, and their customer service apologized for my bad experience. If you're even thinking about using this shady sportsbook, turn around!

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