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What Causes My Samsung 58TU7000 TV to Power Off by Itself?

Kerem January 23, 8:49 pm

I have a Samsung 58TU7000 model TV that I just bought and it keeps powering off on its own. Despite being under warranty, when I called customer service and had a technician come out to check on the issue, I was told that there was a scratch on the screen causing the problem. Instead of receiving a new TV as I had expected, the technician took the TV to be fixed and said it would be returned in a week. I am extremely disappointed as I chose to purchase a Samsung TV due to its reputation for quality and reliability, and now I am left with a potentially faulty product. I do not want a fixed TV, I want a new one as I had originally purchased. I am also providing a video of the issue that I am experiencing with the TV.

KeremJanuary 24, 5:40 pm

I see that problem is chronic for this model Samsung TV. I request another model which has no chronic problems.

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