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My Samsung 55KU7000 4K Ultra HD TV Display failed after 5 years

E****** 2 weeks ago

5 years ago, we would have wanted the best quality from our Samsung 55KU7000 4K Ultra HD TV, but we had no idea it would give us these problems in 5 years. I've added a new question about the black lines that have appeared on the screen since the lens was dropped. Of course, I consider how it would be without these effects, but it is clearly a poor quality brand to experience these issues over a 5-year period without user error. There's no need to hum. Dear so-called world giant Samsung, do you make televisions with a 5-year lifespan? Do people pay thousands of lira per year to use it? Of course, there will be issues with the kitchen, but these are chronic issues that everyone faces. Experiencing these with no impact after 5 years is entirely dependent on the brand. It is the only remaining Samsung brand product in my home. It is a brand that I will not recommend or use after experiencing problems and difficulties. On the phone, Samsung Customer Service did nothing but say, "Let's take it in for service." In other words, how long can television be watched? Hi-Level, Onvo, Elton, and other Samsung televisions I'm sure the difference between unknown brands is that they provide a 5-year image. What was the point of purchasing a Samsung TV?

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