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I Got Device Ban on Riot Games Though No Cheating Occurred

İ****** 2 weeks ago

Even though I did not use cheating, my account in a game in which I had invested a lot of money was banned and closed. They don't explain why it was closed, what I did, and why it was closed; they always give the same answers, but I can't get information about the subject. I want my matches to be monitored, and the same response to be given. They can clearly see that I don't cheat because they can watch all of my matches, but the response is always the same (Greetings, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but when I check your account, I see that a Device Ban has been applied to your account). What exactly is this device ban? If you're wondering, it's a disciplinary action taken against the account and device of those who violate the game rules, use third-party applications, exploit bugs/bugs in the game to their advantage, negatively impact the experience of our fellow players, and make unfair gains. People who receive this disciplinary action have their accounts permanently suspended. A Device Ban is applied to a cheating device for a set period of time (usually three months), and different accounts are barred from accessing the game from this device. You can continue your games on the same device with a different account after the Device Ban expires, but you will not be able to continue your games with your penalized account. If you try to log in with your penalized account, you will receive Error Code 61. It is critical to understand that if you log in with that device from another account before the Device Ban expires, you will receive an Error Code of 152 or 51. After the Device Ban expires, you can create a new account and play your games normally by avoiding all types of inappropriate programs and behaviors. The Device Ban is set to be lifted on January 6, 2023. (Because of the possibility of a few days' delay, your device ban may be unlocked late. There's no need to panic). Take care, and thank you in advance for your understanding. Goodbye.) This is the only message I receive. There is no explanation or evidence, I want to watch the matches in the account, and another message that has nothing to do with me (I see that you have previously requested detailed information on the subject. It was revealed to you during the examination that there was no error in the transaction applied to your account. From now on, all tickets requesting the reactivation of this account will be automatically closed.) I did not use detailed cheating, but they claim that I did; I want proof; watch my matches; they tell me that you will not be taken into account; it is ridiculous, and I want this issue resolved.

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