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Money Refund Request Not Answered By Sony Playstation Customer Service

B**** 1 week ago

On 18th Nov 2022, I purchased a game on Playstation Store (Turkey). By mistake, I bought the wrong version of the game. I own a Sony PS4, but I accidentally purchased the PS5 version of the game. Hence, I neither download nor play the game due to the version problem. I learned that I must request a monetary refund by emailing Playstation Store customer service in Turkey. The rules say that I can request a refund within one week if the game is not downloaded and not played. As I couldn't even download the game, I applied for a refund the same day I purchased the game. Today is 24the November 2022. Almost 1 week is passed. I haven't received any reply from Sony Playstation customer services. I sent 4-5 different emails on this matter.

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