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What is Papara Waiting for to Refund the Invalid EFT?

Eren December 05, 2022 12:43 pm
What is Papara Waiting for to Refund the Invalid EFT?

It is now frustrating that the ridiculous company known as Papara has not canceled the transfer of 1000TL for 33 days... I wanted to send money to my brother's IBAN, but the transaction was invalid, and the money ended up in Papara's pool. Despite speaking with 40 different customer service representatives, they are refusing to refund my money. Even though they said to send them a statement of account, any statement to [email protected] and our transaction will be refunded within 48 hours, it has been 33 days. I received an absurd e-mail stating that your Papara account had been closed the last time I sent an e-mail. What I don't understand is that all I want is a simple EFT refund transaction; what does this have to do with my Papara account? They're just making up ridiculous excuses to destroy people's money... Whatever is required, they can be certain that I will apply to the necessary positions right now, as it has been 33 days.

ErenDecember 09, 2022 1:35 pm

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