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Omix Cell Phone Hasn't Returned from Repair for 15 Days

B***** 2 weeks ago

Despite my careful use, my phone, which I purchased a month and a half ago, has become inoperable; the microphone and touchscreen no longer function. When I read the complaints, I noticed that they were all similar. I shipped it on the 7th to be fixed, and it was delivered around 10.00 on the 8th, but there is still no news 15 days later. I also stated in writing the urgency of my situation; I have been without a phone for weeks, and all of my work has been disrupted. I still can't believe a phone I just purchased is broken. I wrote down all of my contact information on paper, and I need information about my phone right now! I'm sorry I trusted the woman in the Turkcell store and purchased an Omix phone. If possible, I would like a refund, and the situation should be resolved as soon as possible.

B*****2 weeks ago

Kargo kodu:616080723121

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