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When I walk, the noise from my Nike Revolution 6 series shoes is distracting

R***** October 04, 10:12 am

I claimed that noise was produced when I pressed the product's base. With Nike, I've had similar issues in the past. In a little over a month, the shoe's sole gives out. Deichmann Fethiye told me they would check out the product despite my disclosure. However, today we received word that there is no manufacturing defect. On August 21, 2222, I made the purchase, and two weeks later, on September 4, 2222, I returned it. There is a 6-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, but I was offered neither of them and left with no resolution. It looks like I wasted 1100 Turkish Lira. Please take advantage of your warranty and fix this.

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