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Tuğberk rated not at all satisfied

MSI 3080 GAMING X TRIO Coil Whine Problem

Tuğberk January 23, 3:33 am

I have a major issue with my MSI 3080 GAMING X TRIO graphics card, and I am very dissatisfied with MSI's technical support and their unwillingness to assist me. The issue is a loud and persistent "coil whine" noise that is extremely annoying and disrupts my gaming experience. I have contacted MSI technical support multiple times and they have attempted to fix the problem by changing the heatsink and updating the BIOS, but none of these solutions have worked. The noise is still present and extremely frustrating. Even though this product is under warranty, MSI is not willing to replace it with a new one. I have even uploaded a video as proof of the issue. I urge others to be cautious when considering purchasing a MSI product and to be aware of their poor customer support. I demand a replacement for my faulty product.

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