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Mango Failed to Deliver on Time, Expects Me to Cancel the Absent Order

Buse December 05, 2022 11:46 am

On 27.11.2022, I placed an order for delivery from the store, and the system indicated that it would arrive on 01.12.2022, but the product has not arrived at the store as of today, 05.12.2022. I informed customer service that if the product did not arrive on time, I would be unable to purchase it because I would be moving out of the city, and as a solution, I requested that the store be changed from Izmir Optimum to Istanbul Cevahir. Customer service said they couldn't do it and that I should cancel the order and buy it again at the regular price. When I told them I couldn't do it and asked how they planned to solve my problem, they said they didn't have one. I can't get the product I ordered because the mango couldn't deliver, and because customer service refused to assist, I have to buy the product back at the discounted price. How can I now access and cancel the product that I paid for but has yet to arrive at the store?

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