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Mango Cancels Products After I Bought at Discount Saying They're Out of Stock

Esma December 05, 2022 10:36 am

Even though there are still some available, the Mango app continues to reject my purchase of the item after I have already paid for it. If it is going to be discontinued, why is it still in stock? The product has not been withdrawn from sale and can still be found on the website where it can be purchased. Is this yet another method for deceiving other people? They expect us to open the application and log in, at which point they hope we will add other items to our shopping cart while we are looking at the item we want, right? These are some very straightforward procedures for a company such as Mango! It is not acceptable for my acquisitions to be reversed in this manner without both my knowledge and my consent. If it is a problem with the system, then it should be fixed; if it is not a problem with the system but rather a moral issue, then assistance should be sought.

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