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My faulty leather shoes from Lufian weren't replaced with a new pair

M***** 2 weeks ago

I recently brought back a pair of black Lufian John leather casual shoes I purchased from you in November 2021. Message received confirming my request to swap funds with 99-517-1193. Customers complained that the store only allowed exchanges within the same shoe code. Similar footwear was something I inquired about as well. They claimed the shoes were available in five different stores across TR, but due to a breakdown in communications, we were unable to acquire them. When I asked if they could fix my shoe and send it back to me, they said no but that they could offer me a gift certificate for the amount I spent or let me exchange it for something else in the store for a fee. The shoes originally cost me 300 TL, but they're now selling for 800 TL there. Why am I being made to pay more than 2.5 times the original price for shoes? Ignoring consumer inflation runs counter to your company's values, trade practices, and the normal operation of the financial system unless inflation is something that is only available to you and your stores in this country. After all, the 1-year warranty is a commitment you make to the company when you buy the product, and I don't think you should be able to shame the customer by giving them a different product or charging them more money when they send back the defective one. Please send me a replacement unit of the same model, or explain why you cannot do so in writing. I decline your company's offer of retail vouchers. I intend to pursue redress through the appropriate arbitration channels and to make my friends and family who also frequent your establishment aware of my complaint in an effort to encourage them to take similar measures in defense of their own consumer rights.

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