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LG Provides No Updates for Projection Device

S***** 2 weeks ago

I am unable to update my LG projector. I complained, took it to the service center, and received no response to any of my inquiries or complaints. This gadget was a purchase I made two years ago. Both Disney+ and Netflix are part of my streaming arsenal. The application page does not include any LG applications because LG does not support my device. The outdated software prevents access to the proper web pages. We cannot provide updates," the customer service unit says before hanging up. There is technical support available, but no systemic help is offered. It's not like there are any engineers here. But I paid the equivalent of one year's salary for an engineer in Turkey with the money I used to purchase this gadget. The first and last LG product I'll ever buy. I'm making an appeal to anyone interested in purchasing an LG projector. It's a sleek and wonderful gadget at first, but there's no update coming out for it, so after a year it's just a player. Although effective for presentations, its usefulness is limited to a single year. I suggest you consider one that is updated by the manufacturer. 

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