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Lancome Order Canceled After 10 Days

F***** 2 weeks ago

I bought 150 ml of La Vie Est Belle perfume from Lancome online on 12.11.2022 and it was deducted from my shipping card. In the order details, there was information that my cargo would depart on 16.11.2022. At this time, they did not set out and on 21.11.2022 we saw a return from their group. When they called me back they said they were out of stock so they couldn't send it. They even take the trouble to say this after I call. They used to take my money for 10 days and then they canceled my order without my permission. The customer representative repeats the same thing as a parrot. This company, which introduces itself as a corporate, is deceiving people and using their money. The product cancels more products purchased during the discount period to inform the over-price. I will use all the rights that can be used and I will not let this work go. How can a product that is not in stock be put up for sale and sold at a discount?

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