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KLM Airlines lost my luggage and did not refund me

E**** July 17, 10:13 am

I flew with KLM Airlines from Prague to Edinburgh via Amsterdam on June 23, 2022. But when I got to Edinburgh, my bag wasn't there. I haven't heard anything in 23 days. I'm trying to apply online, but it doesn't work, and I've also tried by phone and it doesn't work. Finally, I got an email from them saying that, since I didn't have a suitcase, they would send me a list of what I had bought. I gave my GBP account number because I was shopping in the UK, but I got an email saying that the payment would be made in TL. I replied to the letter by giving the person my TL account number. But no one brought me my mail. I sent another email to the person who sent me the first email, but it didn't get to them. Also, since it's been 21 days and my suitcase is still missing, I want to get paid for it, but I can't find anyone to talk to and I can't log in online. I can never find someone to talk to about the problems I've had.

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