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The Left Earbud on My JBL 230 NC TWS won't Work

S********* 1 week ago

No matter what I try, the left earbud on my JBL 230 NC TWS headphones won't play. Sadly it won't take a charge. The lights on it is off . Even though I've had the headphones for a month, I still haven't used them much. After making a sizzling noise and having the left earbud stop working, I plugged it into its charger and it started up again; however, I was unable to get it to turn on for another five days. Normally, this wouldn't be the first thing I think of when considering the JBL name, but right now, it is. Do you think JBL will be on my mind again next time I need something similar? Never. My once-delightful experience with the headphones I purchased for listening to music, watching videos, etc., has turned into an ordeal. I've tried everything to fix the headphones and now I'm bored and exhausted; let's see if anyone comes up with a good solution.

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