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Index Fx is a sham organization that grabs money from investors

H****** June 28, 4:00 pm

I don't trust this company. In two days, my investment advisor (if you want to call him that) invested a total of 60,000 TL in small increments after I put down a modest initial investment of 5,000 TL. Once I fell for his deceptive rhetoric, all of my money was gone by the third day. When I told him that I wanted to reduce my income and take firmer steps forward, he helped me implement the necessary investments. My money would be reset in a matter of minutes if I decided to take a risk. In my opinion, the consultants are incompetent and will lead you astray at every turn. As a side note, there are no recordings of the conversation, but he said there is nothing I can do about the risk because it is mine, but he is in charge of the investment. Investors need to rethink their strategy. In fact, according to the website, the company's headquarters are in Germany but it has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vanuatu. Due to the lack of CMB licensing, it is illegal to open an account with this business. As a side note, I didn't know this, but now I understand why we use separate accounts for each transaction. claims that the company's entire reputation is a fabrication. Additionally, you can see how many individuals lost everything in a day on this platform and other complaint websites. The fake license of the company can be found here For some reason, the company's website is currently unavailable. Godaddy purchased the domain name for the company. I'd like to add my voice to the chorus on this topic. Finally, if you lose money, you can call a lawyer. A mediator will claim that he can assist you, but you must approach him with more positivity than usual. As a matter of fact, it happened to me. A deal has been struck with, according to him. The website provided me with a password, which he instructed me to give to him. I'm not sure what he did with it. I was stunned to receive an email shortly after hanging up the phone with the news that my issue had been resolved. Is it possible for a lawyer to represent me without a power of attorney?

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