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Hummel Helena Women's Waterproof Boots Are Not Waterproof!

U*** 2 weeks ago

Although the Hummel Helena boots in white and black claimed to be waterproof, I found that water quickly seeped through the uppers and into the rest of the shoe. I requested a refund for an unused pair of white boots but was told to send the black pair in for inspection instead, along with the promise that they would be cleared in one month. Spend 2,000 Turkish Lira on a pair of boots; the outcome is blatantly predictable. I broadcast it on all available platforms: when it comes to Hummel Helena boots that can withstand water, they are defending themselves as we don't claim they're completely waterproof and instead give a percentage guarantee when selling. What utter nonsense, it is either waterproof or not, don't you test them before putting them out for sale? 

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