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The Installation of a Hoover Dishwasher is a Pain

M**** 1 week ago

The installation of a Hoover dishwasher is a pain. We've been waiting for the machine to be installed for a week. I called the Hoover call center the day the machine was delivered to my house and registered for installation. Esenler DMR Service was recommended to me. We waited for service on Saturday, but they never arrived. We waited on Monday and it didn't come, we waited on Tuesday and it didn't come, we waited on Wednesday and it didn't come... It is not the service that is lacking, but rather the pleasure of their employees. We purchased a dishwasher, but because it has not been installed for one week, we are washing the dishes by hand. Thank you very much, Hover. You have truly matured in Ntc Wi-Fi technology when you force people who buy dishwashers to wash dishes by hand. To put it mildly, what is this? It is just Tuesdays and Thursdays that the service comes to my neighborhood. We feel like we're in a tribal village in Africa, hundreds of kilometers from the city center. In Istanbul, how many kilometers are there between Esenler and Bakirköy? Also, if a service is available on Tuesdays, why is it not available on Tuesdays for me? What is a week of waiting worth? I dialed the Hoover customer service number and requested that they direct me to another nearest service center. There is a service in Avcilar, and they obviously ignored my request.

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