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Grand Pasha Bet is Not Paying Out 60.000

H**** 2 weeks ago

I've been a member for years, but I'm leaving. When I didn't have a problem with my first jackpot and dropped my second, I won 60.000 for 12 from the 60.000 Gates of Olympus game. I won and was faced with a cycle I'd never seen before. I completed the cycle, and as it says in the messages, you shot and canceled my withdrawal. Again, you said it didn't happen, my last balance was 15.000, I just wanted to try GrandPashaBet Turkey's largest site, and I said a Fenerbahce sponsor wouldn't do such a thing, but 15. 000 18.970 to the remaining balance, you asked for a cycle of only 12.000, I only made a cycle of 12.000, when there was 3.000 left, you said your cycle was completed and you could shoot, you said that I could I brought 100s of members to your site, so it's not fair for you to victimize a longtime member. And when I talked to all my working teammates and friends, they said you can withdraw it first and then they said I could actually withdraw it, but they said they couldn't give it, I pass everything, they may be beginners and give wrong information, this is normal, but when you examine my game history, it can be seen that the wage I deserve and the wage I can make a living is 60.000 in the game history and the cycle is complete. I added the video to prove that money is in the account. My victimization must end. sincerely...

Grand Pasha Bet is Not Paying Out 60.000
Grand Pasha Bet is Not Paying Out 60.000
Grand Pasha Bet is Not Paying Out 60.000
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