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Dyson Refund is Taking Longer than Legal Process

Ş**** 2 weeks ago

Just one day after it was delivered to me, I initiated the steps necessary to return the Dyson V15 cordless vacuum cleaner. The product, which I received on November 15, was returned to the vendor on November 16. Even though the legal return period is 10 working days, the company has not yet realized the return transaction and has not yet refunded the fee. Despite the fact that the product was delivered to the company, the legal return period is over. They are knowledgeable about how to get the money but don't know how to return it. I would never suggest doing something like that, and when the end-of-the-month statement for my credit card arrives, I have no idea how I will pay the amount which is close to 14,000 TL in advance.

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