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We Need to Have Our Noisy Daikin Combi Boiler Fixed or Replaced ASAP

Osman January 31, 3:40 am

I was hoping for better results from my new Daikin semi-condensing combi boiler, but I've been very frustrated by its inefficiency. The boiler makes an annoying roaring sound that has disturbed my household and the neighbors. I am shocked that a company as well-known as Daikin would release a product with such serious flaws, and I am asking for a refund or a new one of the defective items. I do not think Daikin should treat its customers in this manner, and I expect my problem to be fixed as soon as possible. Because Daikin is a globally recognized and respected company, I am confident that my request for service on my squeaky Daikin combi boiler will be promptly and satisfactorily addressed.

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