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Şikayet Sıralaması
  • 5
  • October 19

Cex.io Fees are Extremely High

I have been making transactions on this exchange for some time now, but I have made the decision to terminate my account. If you send them fiat currency, they won't return it to you for at least two weeks, during which time you will have lost all of your deals. Their fees are near the highest in the...

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  • 97
  • August 12

CEX.IO verification process is unbearable

Individuals who are interested in trading or conducting business through the CEX.IO platform are subject to a stringent set of requirements. They insist on asking you for information each and every time you receive funds from a Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency wallet) that they are not familiar wi...

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  • 254
  • April 12

CEX.io Has Unexpectedly Frozen My Account

I've been using CEX.io crypto without issue for almost two years. My account was marked AML / KYC on March 28th. That's fine. I understand why these checks are necessary. I was requested and responded to all relevant proofs an hour later. Apart from a general reaction on April 2nd, I ran around thre...

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  • 201
  • March 30

Cex.io blocked my account after I attempted to sell Dogecoins

For more than two years, I've been trading on CEX.IO. They suspended my account for $1000 last week after I attempted to sell my dogecoins. I contacted support, but every week a different guy shows up and requests the same information, and they take a week to respond. I requested that they return my...

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  • 195
  • March 19

The CEX.io cryptocurrency exchange has poor customer service

Last week, I opened a cryptocurrency account with the CEX.io exchange, and everything is fine as long as there are no problems and no need to contact customer service. You will have no problems if you do not attempt to withdraw your funds. However, you should expect to wait days, if not weeks, for a...

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  • 191
  • March 18

I put $2,000 into CEX.IO to buy altcoins, but the exchange lost money

I used American Express New York 3d secure to make two payments to Cex.io exchange. All payments were made on December 7, 2021, and totaled slightly less than $2,000. My bank confirms that Cex.io has received all payments, and I provided Cex.io with a pdf of my bank statement upon their request. The...

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  • 178
  • February 15

CEX. IO exchange is a fake platform that tricks customers.

CEX.IO Exchange continuously freezes the client's assets under the name of "Additional Verification" AML / KYC and does not return funds to the owner after formal interaction with a fake employee. This always happens and these actions are a direct sign of fraud! Also, there is no proper customer sup...

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Brand Profile

subscribe CEX.IO, Is a member of Xolvie for 1 years. 
Member brands use the system to respond to all complaints and increase customer satisfaction. Member Brands employ Xolvie services effectively to continuously improve their customer service quality.

Brand Profile

subscribe CEX.IO, Is a member of Xolvie for 1 years. 
Member brands use the system to respond to all complaints and increase customer satisfaction. Member Brands employ Xolvie services effectively to continuously improve their customer service quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I recover access to my CEX.IO account?

You will want assistance from cex.io to reset certain credentials. The following information must be submitted via chat (https://support.cex.io/en) to prove ownership:

  • username;
  • the phone number associated with your CEX.IO account (with country code);
  • do you now have access to this phone number;
  • Information regarding your most recent transactions (time and date, currency, amount, type of transaction: deposit or withdrawal/trading, etc.). Example: 22 March 2019, 2.00456 BTC, deposit;
  • Residence utilized for verification purposes. If you have not yet requested verification, please supply CEX.IO with your current address (Country, City, Street);
  • the names of the issuing banks for all payment cards attached to your CEX.IO account (in case you have ever passed the Card Verification with us), Barclays Bank, Bank of England, etc.

How do I find my User ID/Username?

Each account on CEX.IO has a unique UserID and Username. UserID may be required when logging in, configuring an API, or communicating with support. Users can discover it easily.

  • On the Web:

Select Social networks from the drop-down menu that appears when you hover the mouse over your name in the upper-right corner after logging into your account.

  • On the Mobile Application:

Tap the Profile menu when logged into your account. Your User ID is displayed at the top of the screen.

What should I do if my 2FA token is consistently invalid?

  • This issue may occur if the SMS code is given late and has already expired. SMS/Phone carriers typically remedy late deliveries within a handful of hours. However, if the problem persists, please speak with support via chat (https://support.cex.io/en).


  • According to Google Authenticator, invalid tokens are caused by wrong device clock settings. Your clock must display the right local time, date, and time zone to function effectively. If you do not desire to synchronize your clock, Android and Windows phones have an option to adjust for time problems under the Authenticator app. iPhones must be configured to utilize internet time for the clock to synchronize properly.

How can I delete my account from CEX.IO?

To remove your account, please contact the support team via chat (https://support.cex.io/en) from the registered email address, and your inquiry will be processed within 7 business days.