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Boyner Defective Product Replacement is Formidable

İ****** 1 week ago
Boyner Defective Product Replacement is Formidable
Boyner Defective Product Replacement is Formidable

The National Geographic brand coat I bought from was delivered by the Elazig Boyner store, even though I am residing in Elazig, and it was delivered from Elazig to Malatya and then back to Elazig after the cargo process. After I received the product, I noticed that the product was defective before I wore it to use it for the first time and left the house. I took the product to the Elazig Boyner store and requested a change. They sent the product for warranty instead of replacing it on the grounds that it had a perfume smell on it. Although I did not use the product, I noticed its flaws when I was about to wear it and leave the house. Even though I stated that the perfume smell came from it, they said that they would not accept the product as such and took the product into the warranty process. As a long-term customer of Boyner store, I was greatly disappointed with this attitude. I demand that the product be changed as soon as possible and that a new product be given to me.

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