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Bosch Products Don't Last More Than 3 Years

Y**** 1 week ago
Bosch Products Don't Last More Than 3 Years

BOSCH Turkey is the worst ever. The water heater I bought 3 years ago which was extremely expensive because it's BOSCH, lasted only 3 years! It exploded this month and it's no more usable. My washing machine and iron are in the same room and were overflowed with water, now none of them do work! As soon as the warranty time is finished they are gone.  Turkey BOSCH is produced in Turkey and that's why the brand is not reliable! They do not repair, nor replace, I also want them to replace my washing machine and iron because they are not working now either. The best solution is from now on to damage that shits within the guaranteed date and have every 2nd year a new one. We have enough they take a lot of money for such shit for years. BOSCH has no longer that good reputation it once had!

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