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BMW 520i G30 Has "Emergency Calling System" Malfunction

M****** 1 week ago

The error message "emergency call system not available" appeared on my 2017 BMW 520i G30. When I called customer service, they contacted the service for a solution, and they stated that a small battery that allows this system to function needed to be replaced. They told me that replacing the battery would solve the problem for $2800. Unfortunately, it is inconvenient that my BMW car, which I purchased with confidence in its brand, is constantly costing me money. I'm surprised to be charged for the replacement of a battery that I've never used before. This is an unsuitable move for the legendary BMW. You should have used rechargeable batteries if this battery needs to be replaced every 3-4 years. BMW sells the 520i model for around 2.500.000, then victimizes its customers every 3-4 years and longs 2800. I am simply perplexed.

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