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Beko dishwasher , TV issues and poor customer service

B**** August 06, 3:10 pm
Beko dishwasher , TV issues and poor customer service
Beko dishwasher , TV issues and poor customer service
Beko dishwasher , TV issues and poor customer service

We bought a TV from Beko that was made by Crystal. In fact, we bought all of the appliances in your house from Beko, including the TV. Besides our dishwasher and oven doors being opened. By the way, the color of the thing we bought is gray. They said that they are not rusting after 10 years, which is not true. Still, it did happen. We are already taking sign-ups for this. But no one talks back. Let's get back to the TV thing. In 2018, we bought the item. Our screen went blue, which was bad. I know that a TV's LEDs last for 7 years. Even the worst brand of TVs can be used in the room. But look at Beko's TV, which is marketed as a World Brand even though it is a global brand. I've seen every complaint. All of them at Crystal TVs, I have a question for you. If that's the case, why is it made? Why is this thing for sale? Everyone who had this problem called customer service and had it fixed, but it happened again. Why do you make people feel bad? No, you don't change this product. Did you sell it? You shouldn't put people in this situation. This isn't right. When I get back to Istanbul, I will go to the Consumer Arbitration Committee for my TV, dishwasher, and oven. We've been targeted. I'm telling you this from the heart. Choose a Brand that will stand behind the product it sells and pay 2 TL more. It has to be better than being shamed in this way. For the sake of not being a victim, I'm sending you this message. BEKO won't be interested, so you'll have to pay for a service and send it. Then, it will stop working. I don't want this, so I will do what the law says I can do. GOOD DAY TO EVERYONE

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