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Beko refused to repair the broken screen panel

R**** May 10, 1:02 pm
Beko refused to repair the broken screen panel

I bought a Beko 123-inch screen television from the Beko center in Gebze Center Mall almost a year ago. The screen panel of my TV was damaged last week as a result of a minor impact from my child's plastic toy. I can't believe how easily that screen can be damaged by the impact of a very soft plastic toy. When I called their service department yesterday, I explained the incident in detail, and they said that this damage was not covered by warranty, but they could replace the screen for 6 or 7 thousand Turkish Lira. Beko must cover the repair costs under warranty because they assured me that the tv screen is impact resistant, but it failed after the first impact. I demand a courtesy repair from Beko, or I will share my negative experience across all social media platforms.

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