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The official Asus store duped me by selling me a freedos laptop

Dilan June 28, 4:38 pm

In September 2020, I purchased a computer from the Afyon Digital World Asus store. Despite my repeated requests for genuine Windows products, the sellers took advantage of my lack of technical knowledge and sold freedos products to me. They forced me to buy FreeDOS products in 2020 for the same price as the original Windows-installed products. When the subscription period expired, Windows began to issue a warning. As a result, I called the store where I purchased the computer, but they said there was nothing they could do and that they were selling a demo product. Despite having mentioned it numerous times, I was unable to make a reliable purchase. I would have been better off if I had purchased it from Vatan Bilgisayar or Teknosa. Never put your trust in Asus. They purposefully misled me by selling a demo product for the original product price. They are currently offering to install an original key for $150. I've been a victim.

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