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Apple Store Sold Me Slanted iMac Three Times

Mehmet February 02, 11:42 pm
Apple Store Sold Me Slanted iMac Three Times

The product is faulty, I bought iMac 3 times. All 3 came slanted to the right. I bought it from the Apple Store. Just so I wouldn't have any problems, but all three of them had the same problem. An example of complete irresponsibility, the product changes with a new one as it is shipped. But there is no solution. I bought the gray color. I bought 3 grays. I say change it to another color. Unfortunately, it's graying out again. And tilt to the right. I paid a fee of 30.999₺, the result was a disappointment. I think those who are intended should measure their monitors, there is a half cm difference between them and the table on the right and left sides. I don't like the Apple brand at all.

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