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Amazon Denies Pre-Order Price Guarantee  Price Difference Refunding

P****** 2 weeks ago

On November 7th, I placed an order for an air fryer by the Cosori brand on Amazon. Although they promised me a pre-order price guarantee while I was completing the order, the product's price increased by about 1,200 lira between the time I placed the order and the day it was released. I was told by customer service that they couldn't give me back the money that was short. Why would we guarantee such a thing when making an order if you don't even have such an app? The fee difference must be credited to my Amazon account immediately. I'm also letting you know that I intend to apply for consumer protection as well if they keep acting so indifferently and not being loyal to their promises. 

P******1 week ago

(Düzeltme)7Kasım'da Amazon'da Cosori markasına ait fritöz siparişi verdi. Siparişi tamamlarken bana ön sipariş fiyat vermelerine rağmen, siparişi satın alma ve bir güne kadar ürün fiyatı yaklaşık 1.200 lira. Düştü Müşteri bana hizmetlerinde eksik olan hazineyi geri veremeyeceklerini söyledi. Uygulamanız bile yokken Sipariş vermek neden böyle bir garanti vermelidir? Ücret farkı Amazon hesabıma yatırılmalıdır

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