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Ümit rated not at all satisfied

Agoda Registered My Card without Permission

Ümit February 02, 11:26 pm

I recently had a pretty sketchy experience with Agoda. They went ahead and registered my credit card without my permission and when I tried to check into a hotel room, I was hit with a charge of 25 thousand Turkish lira. That's just not right. Then I reached out to the company to try and get this sorted out, they told me that they couldn't cancel the charge because it was less than 3 days before my check-in date. They offered to give me a partial refund, but that just feels like they're exploiting me. I mean, come on, this is a big company like Agoda and this kind of behavior just isn't cool. I would not recommend doing business with Agoda based on my experience. It's just not worth it to have your credit card registered without your consent and then have to jump through hoops to get a refund.

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